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come closer to his city. >> i came out because i think it is wrong just because somebody comes out and voices their opinion that they are scrutinized by mainstream figures like these mayors. >> i see nothing but a long, long line of people who support discrimination and hate and bigotry. >> reporter: now same-sex marriage supporters are planning to converge on chick-fil-a restaurants and demonstrate by kissing. >> my hope for them is that they realize that god has a way out for that, and they can be free from that and they don't have to live in the bondage. >> reporter: by 5:30 the restaurant closed its doors. as for the pro same-sex marriage demonstration, the owner had this to say about the planned public display of affection. >> we'll see what happens on friday. >> reporter: and chick-fil-a issued a statement saying "going forward our intent is to lead the policy debate --
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leave the policy debate to the government and the political arena. but chick-fil-a may have become a political arena. alan wang, abc news. >> thank you. in san jose supporters of same-sex marriage picketed outside and a dozen took part in the counter protest on headquarters drive. the restaurant is expected to open on august 16th. an 82-year-old el cerrito woman died six months after she was beaten and sexually assaulted in richmond. sue quan was in critical condition since the attack and was never able to speak to detectives about what happened. and now ama dates. >> a single piece of paper announced the death of sun quan last night, a long-time resident of the senior apartments in el cerrito. q in january, quan was found beaten and sexually assaulted
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outside this richmond big o tires three blocks from where she lived. police have no leads. quan was never conscious enough to answer any questions. they hope who ever did this to quan talked about it with someone willing to come forward. >> it was very sad. i think she went for a walk early in the morning. >> reporter: her mother lives in the same senior apartments as quan did.she di she didn't know quan, but was saddened to hear she passed. she too likes to walk the neighborhood. >> i don't go out late when it is dark. unless i go with my children. in 13 years i never listen to something around here. >> it is safe. it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: after quan's attack, the lock at the apartment complex was changed and residents tell me police routinely patrolled the area. to help solve this case, police are offering a reward. $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of who ever is
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responsible. abc7 news. new details about the suspect in the colorado masacre. abc news discover thread were warning signs about james holmes well before the july 20th shooting. abc news learned dr. lynn fenton, the psychiatrist treating holmes contacted members of the university's threat assessment team about holmes' behavior. few days later holmes quit school and the university did not intervene thinking they had that control once holmes left. holmes was charged with 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder on monday. his next court hearing is set for august 9th. interstate 5 is closed north of redding because of a raging wildfire. it is burning near mount shasta near the crossings. some traffic is being escorted through the fire zone. now a 325-acre blaze erupted around 1:30 this afternoon. it is only 5% con intayed.
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flames destroyed one building, and authorities say others are threatened. the u.s. forest service says there is a high to extreme chance the fire will continue to grow. the forest service and cal firecrews are on the scene. a fast-moving wildfire gutted one home in southern california was started by equipment being used to clear brush and debris to prevent brushfires. two firefighters suffered minor injuries fighting the riverside county blaze. it broke out late this morning near murrieta. it quickly grew to over 400 acres. mandatory evacuations were not ordered, but the red cross had shelters ready just in case. cal fire says it expects to contain this fire by tomorrow morning and have it under control by tomorrow night. this is sething thatuld hard oakland could hardly afford. according to a new city audit, the police department wasted almost $2 million on high-tech equipment it did not use. the report says four of the 12 tech systems that the department bought were never
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deployed. it says the shot spotter was under utilized. the report places much of the blame on a crucial lackication e communication between the police department and the city's department of information technology. >> and we have every intention of looking at every recommendation and doing whatever we can to comply with the recommendations. >> reporter: oakland has already authorized the police department to hire a technology head of their own to make sure nothing like this happens again. tonight we have a follow-up to an i-team investigation in rural sonoma county from last week. residents of the private estate section of penn grove have been worried about the goats and junk on their property. when their calls went unanswered , they called the abc7 news i team, and now they are getting results. under a plea agreement, the owners agreed to remove the goats by today or risk the county taking the animals.
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the hi of it team was at the house when sonoma county a animal control went to that property. they were expecting to remove more than 50 goats and other animals, but when they arrived the goats were gone. they have moved the goats to an unknown location. animal control did remove one llama that was left behind by the owners. >> the nuisance was too great. the fact they got rid of them, that's great. i hope they keep them in good health and adequately con infood. >> i think it is wonderful. maybe it will get back to normal again. maybe we will live in a nice area again. >> the goats may be gone, but there is still a lot of other junk left on the property. neighbors hope they remove what is left now. up next, the stun gun debate. it has reignited the controversy over whether some police officers should carry tasers. >> lift it upright here and just threw it. >> and the courageous daughter who showed super human
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strength when her dad was pinned under the car. and why thousands of rav4s are being recalled by toyota. and then later on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. coming up, from bigging mas to fatty -- from big macs to fatty snacks, the diet of olympic athletes of the how they are chowing down on 10,000 calories a day. and niki minñ!ñcús
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when should police use tasers on a subject? this is something officers are wrestling with. it came up at the police commission.
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leslie brinkley has more from city hall. leslie? >> well, let me set the stage for you like this. out of the twenty largest metro areas in the country, san francisco police is the only agency that right now does not use tasers. they are the only police agency in the bay area that does not use tasers. and so the police chief tonight made a plea to the police commission to maybe employ a pilot program. >> i am not asking for the entire police department. i am asking it for our crisis intervention-trained officers. there are 74 right now. >> but the chief met with skepticism from the commissioner who vote owed a pilot for easy tayers. they expressed concern over arming only officers trained to deal with the mentally ill. >> i would have asked the city attorney for a legal opinion whether we can actually take a class of our citizens like our mentally ill and say we are going to use a taser against them, but no one else. >> this debate was aered by an officer involved
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shooting on july 18th, when a 32-year-old suspect armed with a box cuter was gunned down in the financial district after assaulting a co-worker. the suspect died, and his sister made a plea to the commission. >> i don't think the taser would stop anything. all i know is there is a need for real changes because they need to know how to deal with mental illness. >> a ucsf expert on taser enduced heart failure urged commissioners to consider that kind of data when designing their policy. >> the distance between the chest wall and the heart is much smaller in a thin person, in an elderly person. you definitely want to avoid tasering in a young person. >> you don't know the mental and physical background of the person you are tasing right on the street. that can increase the rate of death just as much as an officer-involved shooting.
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>> i can't do anything about the last person. but i want to do something right now, tonight, about the next person. >> nothing happened tonight except this discussion. i would say san francisco police are probably one step closer to at least seriously considering using tasers. there will be more discussion and a public hearing later this month. live at city hall, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> leslie, thank you. a fresno county sheriff says he has never seen anything like it. one of his deputies executed a death defying move to save a hiker who was losing his grip on the side of a mop 10. lawrence bishop was sure he was living the last few moments of his life. he was clinging for two nights and two days on dog tooth peak. it is a tough to climb mountain east of fresno. he was huh louse nateing and trebling on a small ledge. his body was starting to slide and thought he was a goner. that's when he saw a half a dozen rescue crews.
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he tried to grab a rock and the deputy saw him starting to fall and the deputy sprinted up the mountain. the rock that was usually so slick, the deputy grabbed bishop and pushed him to a safer spot until he could be tethered and flown off the mountain. another amazing rescue. a young woman being called a hero after a feet of strength and courage that is hard to believe. he was working on his car and it fell on top of him, crushed him beneath the weight of the vehicle. that's when the 22-year-old found the strength she didn't know she had and lifted the two and a half ton car off her father. >> lifted it upright here. i just kind of threw it. i shoved my body into. it i came back and dragged him out. i started cpr. then it flashed, oh my god, i am going to lose my dad. his eyes were open and he wasn't responding to me. >> lauren is an athlete with lifeguard training. she got his heartbeating
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again. her father survived. he is still in the icu with broken ribs and other fractures, but doctors say he is going to be okay. and a very lucky and thankful man. it is time to check the forecast now. here is meteorologist sandhya patel. >> larry, it is going to be one more steamy day in our inland communities tomorrow. you are looking at the trans america pyramid. just watch it carefully. the financial district in san francisco. now you see it. now you don't. the marine layer has been ramping up. as you look from our high definition sutro camera, you can see the fog taking over. it is starting to make its way out toward the east bay. as we check out live doppler 7hd, i will show you current conditions around the region. it is around the coast and around the bay. half moon bay is reporting light fog and visibility down to five miles.
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look at the relative humidity. it is at 100%. you are likely experiencing some mist there. and take you out toward the east bay and to oakland where the temperature is 55 degrees and the visibility is coming down. it is nine miles and the fog has begun to develop there. temperatures at this hour, really 50s, 60s most locations and 72 degrees in antioch. here are the highlights. fog at the coast and bay for the morning drive. could even be some drizzle out there. hot inland again tomorrow, but a cooler pattern ising by cominy the time you hit the weekend. 11:00 tonight we have possibly some mist right now, but we definitely have some fog for the overnight hours. first thing tomorrow morning as you head out the door at 5:00 a.m., we could see spotty drizzle around highway 1. certainly fog a limiting factor in materials of visibility. you might want to allow yourself some extra time to get to work tomorrow as we will see some low visibility. foggy in the morning, low 50s to low 60s. as we show you our summer
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spread, it is a wide range of conditions we see in the bay area. pacifica's high, foggy and 60 degrees. heading out to oakland and it is 73. and you get well inland, and we are going to gets -- get you to the 97-degree mode in brentwood. it is going to be cooking there. our summer spread for your thursday afternoon continuing. 83 degrees in the south bay, 87 for los gatos, 81 in sunnyvale. a warm day on the peninsula. 76 for san mateo. low 60s coast side. we will see lingering fog. downtown san francisco 67. daly city, you are used to the gray. you will see it tomorrow. 97 at clear lake and 98 in ukiah. upper 80s in santa rosa and sonoma. heading out to the east bay it will be 80 in castro valley. 76 hayward and 77 in newark. for the inland areas, hot. 95 antioch and around the money monterey bay, the
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seven-day forecast featuring one more hot day inland. and then cooling begins on friday. you really feel it by the weekend. mid80s inland. upper 50s to low 60s coast side. we will cape it in that range until wednesday when the numbers bump up noticeably. of course if there are any airport delays he will be here with the latest. >> thank you, sandhya. up next, how doctors may soon be able to give you a pill to find out what is going on inside your body. and we have three more people we want to thank for taking part in the abc7 sleep train dream campaign. it is jerry s and samantha c from kyle g from santa rosa. each clicked the like button on the abc7 news facebook page , and for every new like we get this summer $1 goes to help bay area foster kids. go to news and click the thumbs up button. it could help change somebody's life. and you can still make a difference and get mentioned. it is part of the abc7 sleep
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toyota is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars because of a suspension problem. it covers the 2006 to 2011rav4 suvs. the company says if rear suspension nuts are not tightened properly after a wheel alignment the wheels can rust and separate from the vehicle. the recall also includes 2010 lexus hs250h sedans. toyota will notify owners by mail. a company announced today it has received fda approval for a digital pill that sends information to your doctor from inside your body. it carries a sensor the size of a grain of rice that can transmit realtime data from a
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patch on your belly to your health care provider. it allows rapid adjustment of medications and treatments. most doctors agree they don't want to look inside mike shumann. >> that's true. you remember when you were traded here, right? it was from espn, he was traded. >> it was a better deal. >> when you are traded in any sport you want to make a good first impression. hunter penz who came from philly to the giants didn't have his best game. le
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[ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us?
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rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. for giants fans when they traded for pemz. let's check in on both players. hunter gets a san francisco welcome on jerry garcia bobblehead night. giants like their chances when matt cane is on the mound, but he serves one up on a platter. tahada's first homer in almost two years and 1-0 mets. bottom of the first and his first at bat as a giant and gets a standing ovation from the crowd.
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the table is set and two on and two out, but hunter pops out to end the inning. that's okay. new york is leading 2-0 in the fourth. play of the game from balanco. full extension and snow cone grab and robs him of extra bases. matt cane loves it, but would leave after five innings. the shortest outing of the season. number 14 on the year and a solo shot makes it 2-1. let's go to the 9th. high and outside from bobbie parnell. 0 for 4 with two k's at at&t. now, the giants traded nate shirholz. he was in the nation's capital and in the fifth he goes deep. a solo homer that would prove to be the game winning run. he also had the play of the game . washington's bright harper to shallow right. nate has speed, we know that. the sliding catch and philly is a winner 3-2.
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and we wonder, why did we trade him? trailing 2-0 in the fifth and he took a little care of that. out of own scoreboard with the 12th of the year. a pair of hits and doubled down the right field line. he scores from first and 3-1 rays. the 4 and 8 record coming in. seven innings and five k's and then he ends it with a 401-foot blast in the eighth. 4-1 the final and they have lost two in a row. defense wins championships, i know it is a cliche, but more true in football than any other sport. it definitely rings true with the 49ers. they went 13 and 3 last year. they did not allow a rushing touchdown for 14 games. number one against the run. number two in points allowed. they lead by the two inside line backers. bowman who was all pro last year in only his second season. the 24-year-old takes great
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pride in what he does, and for a good reason. >> i have three kids. i think that is pretty much my responsibility. and in order to take care of them and take care of my responsibility, this is the way -- that's the way i will stay humble and stay grounded and do what i am called on to do. >> this report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> nice tie, by the way. >> found it in the sports department. "nightline" is next. i'm larry beil.@ñoñ?xús1@ú?ñ/&ñq
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♪ across the nation, yesterday, some bold statements about politics, sexuality, and equal rights, all of the statements made by eating chicken. >> yes, people showed up in droves to chick-fil-a restaurants to support the company after the owner came under fire for coming out against same-sex marriage. abc's t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: business is booming at chick-fil-a, the popular fast food chicken chain at the center of what you might call a political food fight. >> we support chick-fil-a in their stand on family values. >> reporter: at issue, the christian beliefs of the family that owns chick-fil-a. >> this is an issue of freedom speech, it is an issue of
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equality and human dignity. >> reporter: it was former republican presidential candidate, mike huckabee who declared chick-fil-a appreciation day because he was angered by some of the attacks on the company's president, dan cathy. cathy recently told an on-line religious newspaper he supports the biblical definition of the family unit. customers around the country lined up around the block in support. >> that's what we fight more in the military for us to have free speech in america. >> we should let everyone have freedom of speech. if you want to support the bible, then so be it. >> reporter: but cathy's remarks angered supporters of gay marriage. in fact the mayors of boston and chicago, want to stop the building of any more chick-fil-a's in their city, and a student wants the campus chick-fil-a closed. >> it is almost offensive in a sense that our university is willing to maintain this relationship with an organization that -- that blatantly discriminates against
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a portion of our student body. >> reporter: later this week, gay rights advocates will have their say. they're using facebook to organize their own demonstration, same-sex kiss day this friday at chick-fil-as across the country. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> interesting to see whether the friday numbers, how they -- how they compare to what we saw yesterday. >> yes, yes, because people did come out in droves. i don't know how many -- the last count. thousands, thousands. >> some stores ran out of food before their normal closing time of 10:00 p.m. they had to shut their doors. it was a huge show yesterday. >> i think everyone can agree, yes, you support first amendment rights. but is that really what people are supporting or, are they really being -- supportive of intolerance? i'm not sure what the message is. >> we will see again. watch out for friday. give that equal coverage friday. see if it works.
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instead of worrying about the chicken guy, let's worry about the. tigs -- the politicians who are the ones who have to power over the issues. we'll see. still to come, she is at the top of the music world. >> nicki minaj comes from humble beginnings. we'll hear from the singer and what keeps her striving to be even better. you are watching "world news now." hear from the singer and what keeps her striving to be >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue
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well, nicki minaj may just be the hottest artist out there. her new music video just released and has already racked up a million hits on youtube. >> what is it about her that makes her this popular? abc's juju chang sat down with the singer to find out. >> reporter: her cotton candy
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hair and technicolor costumes, nicki minaj looks like a video character come to life in her video. >> love the f-bomb. >> why? >> it has so much power and so many meanings. ♪ [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> reporter: merging with vibrant costumes, neon wigs and irresistible hooks like star ship. ♪ star ships were meant to fly hand ups and touch the sky ♪ >> should parents be worried about their kids watching nicki minag? >> no. but i didn't come into the game to be an artist and appeal to kids. >> reporter: she writes her own lyrics. her rhythms and rhymes are feminine yet fierce in a male dominated industry that is often criticize ford being degrading to women, songs like "moment for life" could be an anthem for feminism. ♪ i wish i could have this moment for life ♪ >> reporter: there is also a girl power flavor to it. >> yeah, it makes girls feel like they can do anything. >> reporter: perhaps minaj hersel


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